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12. Cuisine: Hyderabadi Its Hyderabadi Hour


Lahsooni Gosht, Kheema Pulao, Tamatar Khajur Ki Chutney, Chaandi Korma, Jhingey Tamatar, Hyderabadi Korma, Diwani Handi, Vegetable Nilgiri Korma, Amrit Phal, Kachchi Biryani, Dum Ka Murgh, Baghare Baigan, Biryani Nawabi, Murg Badami, Dalcha, Ghazala we are sure your mouth must have become swimming pool after reading all these delicious mouthwatering dishes of Hyderabad. ensures you don’t have to go to Hyderabad to enjoy these amazing food items, yes you can order all these online.

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