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Curious About Snakkoo

1. Why

Ans: is the perfect online platform for your entire rigorous search of North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, American, Italian and other cuisines. The best sweets shops of the town are also listed with us. We make sure that the food we deliver to you is fresh, delicious and just awesome. Food is just a click away from your watering mouth now. You can order your food anywhere. You can easily mark your favorite restaurants and keep a track of all your past orders, which makes it more special for the users. So we would now ask you, why not snakkoo!

2. Can users without a registered account on Snakkoo order food?

Ans: Well, you need to register to quench your stomach acids; it would benefit you only if you have a registered account with us.

3. Do you also offer discounts on food?

Ans: Yes definitely, no one cares more than us. We at Snakkoo keep offering exciting discount offers on a regular basis, you would be educated on that at the site or app.

4. How do I sign up for a Snakkoo account?

Ans: You can simply sign up using your Facebook or Google+ account. Or by filling up a simple sign up form.

5. Can I write restaurant reviews?

Ans: Yes, anybody can write reviews for a restaurant, provided that you sign up on Snakkoo first.

6. What is the range of food you provide?

Ans: The range of the food depends from restaurant to restaurant, but the range in which we categorize our offered food is from “Yummy” to “Mind-blowing”. The price would be the same as of any normal restaurant’s menu card, trust us.

Exclusively Us

1. What are the unique benefits provides?

Ans: Snakkoo specializes in delivering wide range of sweets, packed meethai etc at your doorsteps. One can choose from wide range of delectable sweets featured with delicious taste and flavor from the best of the vendors in your locality. We pride ourselves as the popular online sweet store bringing varieties of sweets under one roof designed for hundreds of occasion.
Snakkoo is designed in a way that it becomes user friendly & easy to use. This restaurants, sweet shop finder app helps you to browse their menus, pictures, review- ratings, ordering and much more.

2. I have a sweet tooth. Does Snakkoo have a solution for fulfilling this everyday desire of mine?

Ans:Yes, we would be delighted to inform you that we also offer a list of sweet shops which can fulfill your sweet desires. Good cafes are also listed with us.

Order Related

1. How do I place an order?

Ans:Enter your location, pick up the restaurant from the list, opt for the cuisines that you want to order and check out. Your food will come all the way to your address .

2. How will I know if my order has been successfully placed or not?

Ans:You will receive a message and an email from Snakkoo, which will confirm the successful placement of your order.

3. Can I cancel my order?

Ans:You can cancel an order till the time your request has not been accepted by the restaurant’s kitchen. Once your order has been accepted, you can’t cancel it.

Delivery Related

1. Do you take any separate delivery charges?

Ans: There no extra delivery charges that we demand, the charges would be decided by the restaurant itself and you can see that while ordering. You can find a reason to rejoice knowing that most of the restaurants have Free Home Delivery policy for a MOV (Minimum Order Value).

2. In what time will the food get delivered?

Ans: There is no exact timeframe behind the same; we won’t give you any false promises. The time limit would be specified by the restaurant you are ordering from and you would get your food delivered to you within that span of time.

3. Is there any place where the food can’t be delivered?

Ans: We are working on PAN India basis but restaurant availability is the factor here, if there are food corners around you, then, surely we can cater to you.

4. The time promised for delivery has exceeded still I haven’t received my order?

Ans: These rare instances may occur due to various reasons, however we apologize for the delay and request you to call restaurant and then us, and we would figure out what is the problem & suggest an alternate in a timely manner.

5. Can I order food and pick it up myself from the restaurant when it’s prepared?

Ans: You are a go getter, aren’t you? Well, yes you can just choose the Pick Up option while ordering and take it along with you.

6. How are items packaged?

Ans:This is the whole sole responsibility of the restaurant, which is processing the order that you have placed. It is entirely the restaurant’s call.

7. How can I track the delivery of my order?

Ans:After the placement of your order you keep receiving messages from us, which will keep you updated about the status of your order’s delivery.

Asking Technicalities

1. What are the time slots when we can order food?

Ans: We cater to you almost at every time hunger bothers you, from breakfast to dinner your every snack is on Snakkoo. Although it depends on the restaurant you are ordering from and till what time they work.

2. What is the minimum price for which I can get my food delivered to me?

Ans: This depends on the restaurant policies and it would be mentioned while you are placing your order.

3. What is the use of filter?

Ans: To make the search of restaurants easier and convenient for our customers we have imbedded filters in Snakkoo. These filters brings the list of restaurants on the basis of cuisines, minimum order value and delivery time. This saves your precious time!

4. What is in the Order?

Ans: Order list displays the catalogue of all the restaurants from where you can place the order of your desired cuisine, to your respective address.

5. What is in the Explore?

Ans:This list only shows the entire information of the restaurants, their rates and reviews. You can’t place an order from any of the restaurants listed in the explore list.

Payment Related

1. What is the mode of payment?

Ans: Modes of payments are ease & ease or as some people term it Online and Cash on Delivery. Almost all our restaurants accept Cash on Delivery and a majority has the Online Payment option, you could choose your convenience after placing the order.

2. How safe is the Online Payment option?

Ans: It’s as safe as the cash on delivery, if the order is cancelled you will get your refund back and our servers won’t allow any fraud while the transaction is going on, so relax & pay online.

3. What if I want to make any changes in my previous order?

Ans: No worries relax and call us back as soon as you realize that you have to make a change so that we can intimidate the concerned restaurant about the updated order you want or entirely cancelling the previous one. However if much time has lapsed and the restaurant has already prepared the food then we won’t be able to help you.

Trust Issues

1. Do you charge more than the market rates?

Ans: Not at all, our users are way too special for that. We don’t charge even a penny more than what the restaurant offers; after all we work for your happiness not to extort money from you.

2. Are the reviews genuine? Can we trust the same?

Ans: The reviews are honest feedback of someone who was greatly satisfied or unfortunately annoyed so you ought to believe the masses, after all they belong amongst you only. Moreover, we have created a system to filter the spammers.

Refund or Dissatisfaction

1. How would I get my refund money back if the order is not completed?

Ans: So this would happen in case of online payment, you would have to contact us and we would return your valuable money in a jiffy. Yes, really.

2. What if the food is not good?

Ans: Our team checks the quality of the restaurant before taking them on-board so you need not worry about the quality of food. However, Snakkoo just provides a platform to make your food ordering process simple, the quality & taste of the food depends on the restaurant. Although you can give feedback and save others by writing an honest review about it.

3. Can I return back the order once it has come to me?

Ans:Snakkoo brings the restaurants and the customers at a single platform so that their respective needs are met successfully. If you want to send back the arrived order, you have to talk to the restaurant kitchen and convince them for it. Snakkoo can’t have a say in this regards.

Speak to Us

1 How do I contact you for any suggestions, queries or feedback?

Ans: For any queries, our customer service team are there to assist you gladly. You can reach us at++91-1147784750 or email us as at