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Know More (At D Rate Snakkoo Era Pvt Ltd) is a Canadian startup, we a service that helps restaurants and cafes to sell the remaining food at the end of the day instead of throwing it away. is an online food delivery portal helping you fulfill the needs and desires of your taste buds by providing you everything you want. Be it Pau Bhaji, Chinese, American Italian or anything falling in between, Snakkoo has everything. Focused on making food reach out to you in minutes, Snakkoo is created keeping in mind your flexible and broad variety of choices taking care of your convenience and time.

Snakkoo, with a quick and efficient team, gives you the facility to order food online and enjoy it sitting cozily. Snakkoo gives you the option to place an order for pick up or opt for home delivery and to go with your choices you find suitable. Snakkoo makes sure you enjoy mouth-watering fresh food whenever you wish to without getting much bothered.

Snakkoo offers you a wide number of options having food around your exact location. You just need to type your location and Snakkoo will give you an entire list of places serving food of your choice. Snakkoo makes it comfortable and reliable for you to trust any place without prior knowledge of food; lets you discover places and pour the work of searching food to it.

Snakkoo makes sure that you enjoy your movie without being hungry. With Snakkoo, order food while you are in a theatre. No-one wants to get disturbed during the movie and Snakkoo is well aware of this fact; so Snakkoo serves you right there, at the middle of the movie, whenever you want. Snakkoo celebrates hunger and does its best to make you contented with the services. The team strives hard to get every store online for your convenience, so that you don’t keep on wondering what to have. Just order because what you will wish to have, you will get it on Snakkoo.